Some of the fantastic designs from the excellent Tron: Uprising.

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I’m not sure, but I think that grandmaster can retract his junk except fer certain times of the day…

Kung Fu Sunday!

Another wonder from Mr. Sardinocus, from ‪Ninja in the Dragon’s Den‬

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Apologies for the lack of Kung Fu Sunday, crazy distracted, as recompense here is a classic, Thundering Mantis starring Bryan Leung. And if ye wanna skip straight to the best fight at the end, here it is;

Kung Fu sunday! Final fight from Killzone with Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen!

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Kung Fu Sunday! Youtube reccomended me some more Gordon Liu in Return to the 36th Chamber, and ye can’t say no to bench fighters!

Kung Fu Sunday! Things keep getting crazier in Tiger on the Beat!

Kung Fu Sunday! With 8 Diagram Pole Fighter! If ye aint fond of teeth being knocked out, ye may wanna skip this one!